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New year, new beginnings, and hope

This is that time of year when most everyone reflects on the current year and makes resolutions for the new one.  Taking stock of where we’re at and where we want to be.  Me?  I think we’re always evolving and … Continue reading

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Video: How to Choreograph a Lyrical Dance

Our world of dance in SL is a bit different, but the concepts, the underlying expression is so very similar to RL.  We may not create our own animations, and we are generally limited to what’s available, but we select … Continue reading

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New post for Firestorm users – use zdrop to move animations fast!

Do you just hate having to move animations in teeny tiny batches at a time?  Get greedy (selecting more than about 25) and you’ll get the lovely “failure to create in-world) error. Do you too get nervous emptying your inventory … Continue reading

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Meditation, energy, and what you put out there

Me?  I’m a normal person in every way.  Never “just” a normal person, I’m me – and all the insanity and insecurity that comes with it.  Sometimes life overwhelms me.  Sometimes I have to scrabble back from that dark grey … Continue reading

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Workshops today have been rescheduled for next Sunday! Happy Thanksgiving holiday!

Today’s workshops on the Smooth Dancer HUD and transitions/freestyling have been rescheduled to next Sunday. Please enjoy the holiday weekend, or a lovely Saturday.  I am so thankful for everyone in my life, every one who has touched it in … Continue reading

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What is Dance in SL?

Yesterday I led a workshop on Introduction to Dance and Choreography, specifically designed for those new or interested in being a choreographer, and those who want to build upon their foundation in dance. This workshop changes because interaction is highly … Continue reading

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KissMyButt – Categorizing dance animations, Dance Queens Database?

I was stumbling around on the Dance Queens blog using the search function and just have to re-blog this.  I know some of the stores don’t exist anymore (Sine Wave) and this blog post is from 2011, but not two … Continue reading

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