Stores – Full Perm Clothing

Very often choreographers supply the costumes for their dancers. This can become pricey when you costume a large number of dancers. There are also times when you just can’t find the right costume piece or texture.

A number of stores on the marketplace sell full perm costume items – shoes, clothing, jewelry etc. These may come with sample textures or blank textures for you to modify yourself using an image editing program like Photoshop or Gimp. Creating your own costumes can provide an additional creative outlet and uniqueness to your dance. Always strive for good quality mesh models, good textures, and a great looking finished costume.

Note: Respect the work of these creators and make sure to follow their licensing instructions! When you provide the costume to your dancer, make sure it has either copy OR transfer permissions.

Also be aware that to protect their product, the merchant may ask you to provide additional information to verify your intent before they send you the full permission version of the product. Creators may include in their licensing that you cannot give away their products. This is primarily to encourage competition on marketplace. If you will be selling costumes on marketplace, please follow this guideline. Costumes provided directly to your dancers are generally in lieu of splitting tips. Make sure to read the fine print and try the demo model before buying – and have fun!