Madness Matters

I think madness matters when you’re creating. It’s that insane place where anything is possible, ideas run rampant, and reason takes a back seat. Almost 90% of the time my ideas twist and turn as I bring them to life, but I think that’s what gives it flow and energy..not being too rigid. If I was building a house…probably good idea to stick religiously to the plans. Creating a dance? There’s definitely wiggle room! I think it’s those little details that can really make a performance special.

So what’s happening? “F” words. (No not THAT word!) Focus…feasibility…fun. Figuring out what I can accomplish within the time I have and what’s most important to me. Big one…time wasters. So much easier to sit there browsing the news for an hour than trying to work through a creative block. What does it get me? Lots of anxiety! (Both from the news and from procrastinating.) It’s good to step away sometimes…take that mental breather. Ever wonder why some of the best ideas happen in the shower? Because you aren’t overthinking it!

So…thoughts of the day.

  • MocapAnimations has moved their sim and has a free 1000L GIFTCARD FOR GROUP MEMBERS (ENDS 2/27/2021). I think the join fee is 350L, they occasionally do the gift cards for group members, and they have some great animations. I love the contemporary and queen packs. Gift card is on the back wall, go straight after entering the store. Click on it and choose deliver. New LM:
  • Paragon Dance Animations is moving, 2/26/2021 is their grand opening & 2 year anniversary. DJ’s, giveaways, and all kinds of fun 10 am to 7 pm. Landmark still under wraps so make sure to check!
  • Be nice to your dancers. Name your movers (I use numbers: 1 LIGHT etc, 2 LIGHT etc, 3 LIGHT etc), etc. This let’s your dancer use area search to find their mover and sit on it without camming around madly. Especially good if the movers are hidden.
  • I have an entirely new organizational system. A OneNote notebook for dance ideas, workshop notes, venue details, DJ notes, etc. and a small binder with a calendar and pages for daily tasks, dances coming up, goals, bills to pay, etc. (have to have internet – right?). Last but not least, new organization of my inventory – especially for upcoming shows and when I dance with someone else. I feel better when I know what’s coming up and where to find info/things. So far, so good!
  • Workshop news: I’ll be setting up/playing with a new Discord channel/server for Harleyquin Workshops. This will let me share my screen for classes about editing music with Audacity, etc.
  • March workshops will be announced this weekend…finally!

I just stood in MocapAnimations writing the second part of this blog entry…oops. They probably think I’m crazy – oh wait! that ship has sailed…grins.

Happy dancing and stay crazy!
~ Eva

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