Eva Harley Bio

At times I’ve been asked for my dance bio.  I’ve had the pleasure of dancing in SL for nearly seven years, experienced many different methods of performing, multiple venues, and learned from many.  Experience, observation, and passion are wonderful teachers.

Whatever road someone has taken in RL,  I don’t believe it predicts their abilities.  Whether a professional dancer or accountant, we are all unique and creative in our own way and arrive here in this world as equals.  Performance, open-mindedness, and dedication to growth mean so very much more to me than a long biography.

A biography is merely black and white in a multi-faceted world of color.  Alas, here is mine.  ~Eva

Start in SL Dance:  December 2013
Studied dance in RL from the age of 6-13

A passionate dancer, choreographer, creator.  Dance is the creation of art, performance is the ability to become one within it.  The stage is our canvas, the dancers our paint.

Instructor, mentor, and student.  The best teachers are not those who merely share knowledge, but inspire others.  May any who learn from me be inspired, think higher, reach farther than I have.  In teaching, what I learn, what I teach, is reciprocated ten-fold.  I am forever teacher and student.

Enjoy what you do, don’t be afraid to fail because in failing that meant you tried something new. Have fun and remember – there truly are no rules.


Elysium Cabaret Choreographer
Moonshadow Dancers Choreographer & DJ
Laughing Hearts Choreographer & DJ
Queens of Burlesque Choreographer
Terpsi-Corps Choreographer
Noir Neverland Choreographer
Harleyquin Troupe Leader
Harleyquin Learning Center Owner &  Instructor
Dance Queens Blogger
Madness, Matters, and Random Thoughts Blog Owner and Blogger

Guest Choreographer:



Men in Motion Movember 2018 Sponsor
Lighting the Way – Autism Awareness – 2017 & 2018
– Show Manager
– Music Technician
– Choreographer
Fantasy Faire, Choreographer- 2018
Be Art Event, Choreographer – 2017
Milky Way Cabaret Sci-Fi Event, Choreographer- 2016, 2017
Men in Motion Movember Event DJ – 2017


Winds of the Sahara Cabaret Choreographer & DJ
Dream Time Theatre Choreographer
Virtuoso Music Technician
Virtuoso Training Co-ordinator
Virtuoso Choreographer
Paramount Theatre Manager and Choreographer
Dancing Outside the Lines (DoL) Instructor
Journey Dance Event Manager and Music Technician
Journey Academy of Performing Arts Tutor
Starlite Dance Company Performer
Spirit Light Dance Company – Dance Leader and Performer
Spirit Light Dance Company Mentor