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As a seasoned and passionate dancer in SL, I freely share and support others in their own dance journeys.  My beliefs:  question everything, learn from everything, take from it what you will and do it your own way.  Have many teachers, no one is a master, no one knows “THE WAY”.  I teach based on what I know – my own foundation, what I have learned – but they are not the only ways.  Enjoy the ride, speak from the soul and create art with your dance.  We are all always learning, always growing.  Release the music from within…with your own voice.  ~ Eva

Harleyquin Workshops

Creating a Dance:

Sirens Call to Dance – a Beginning
Dance Knowledge – a Sharing
The Official Book of Dance Rules
Choosing Music
Don’t Rush into Using All the Tools! Build a Strong Foundation
Definition Time!
New Dancers Resource

Sirens Call Blog Series:

Post 1 – An Introduction to Dance
Post 2 – Observation, Learning Style, and Inspiration
Post 3 – What is Choreography and Choosing Music
Post 4 – Animations
Post 5 – Basic Skills Needed Before Working with an Animation HUD
Post 6 – Animation HUDs! It’s time to move it – move it
Post 7 – Learning Your HUD, Animations & Caching


The Magical World of Animations and Choreography
Freestyle!  Learn your animations & have fun
Creating Choreography – My Flow
Choreography Example – Work Song


Building Blocks – The Magic of Phantom Objects & Reducing Lag in the Process


Particle Power to the People
Particle Principles – The Art of Knowing When to Say When
Particle Principles – Types of particles & how to use them
Lighting Tutorial
Dancers Particle HUDs – Activate with a Chat Command

Spot On:

Moving Objects with Choreography Design System
Performance Director – Starting People Backstage
Choreography Design System – Movers move for dancers not in that dance!
Smooth Dancer Tips for Choreography
Tips & Tricks – Stage Manager
Tips & Tricks – Smooth Dancer
Troubleshooting – Costume Assistant

Favorites Stores and Tools:

Animation Stores
Particles Stores
Boom Animation Organizer
Gadget Ninja Spotlight – Camera View/Save Setup HUD


Audacity – Music Player and Editing Program
Editing Music – Audacity Video Tutorial
TROFF – an amazing music tool for choreography, reblogged from SLNightMagic
Harleyquin Workshop Notes:  An Introduction to Troff
Insight on Being a Dance Performance DJ

Other Topics:

Beginning Your Own Troupe/Venue – thoughts, suggestions, and observations
Metabolt Text viewer – using dance alts for testing your dances

Misc. Tips:

Tips & Tricks: Use World Area Search to find movers FAST!
Sticky note holder and notes in sequences
Blogging Ideas – Using a Private Blog for Keeping Creative Ideas and Inspiration
Camera and Video Tips & Tricks
Why Region Say is Best – An exploration of Region Say, Shout, and Say for Triggering Effects
NEW (12/11)  zdrop for Firestorm users – move animations and inventory fast!

Helpful Links:

Firestorm Keyboard Shortcuts