Inspiration, ideas, and get all these ideas out of my head for a bit!

having ideas

There are times where there are so many ideas swirling around in my head that I just can’t think or focus.  It’s like a huge pile of spaghetti in there and I’m afraid I’ll forget all the best ones.  Sometimes I’ll even wake up in the middle of the night, thoughts DEMANDING to be written.  It is after I’ve let them take their course, written them down, that I can finally settle again and sleep.

I’m also a list maker – I NEED lists.  They help me stay organized, they help me remember, but most importantly they reduce stress for me.  I KNOW what I need to focus on next, I know what steps I need to take to put together a dance.  I don’t have every little detail, but it’s like candles along the path lighting the way.

I’ve tried many different things, but my favorite is my private blog I use for my own brainstorming, my own thoughts, things I don’t want (or would scare) the outside world to know.  I have one main post where I keep links, and to do lists, and what not, then each dance I create, each workshop, has it’s own blog post that I just keep updating.  Words, pictures, video links, marketplace item links, all of it I can keep in one place for that dance.  A creative scrapbook.  Just for me.  Doesn’t have to be pretty but it’s an incredible resource so I can put all my ideas down when they come to me, then when I’m ready to work there they are.

I even have a post of my favorite stores to visit for all kinds of things, and a wishlist of items I like on Marketplace that I just don’t need right now but want, and don’t want to forget.  (Saves lindens too, because I’m not anxious to buy it right away “because I’ll forget and it’s soooo awesome!”)

I think it’s so very important to write down your ideas when inspiration hits – songs you want to make a dance to, thoughts, ideas, frustrations, absolutely anything.  It’s like a creativity diary, and when it’s time to make a dance or find create a new one you have all of this at your fingertips.


I use WordPress for my private blog, free version.  There’s a simple setting to make it private so no one can access it without a log in and password.  There’s a little bit to get used to if you’ve never blogged before, but..

Make it yours!

Use it the way YOU want!  Sort it, organize it, lay it out in whatever way works best for YOU!  For some people, it may be an awesome thing, for others you might like to keep your ideas in a different way.  That’s ok too!  A private blog is a tool for your creativity – nothing more.  Always work, create, and be just the way you want to be.

I hope this may have given you new ideas, or inspired you in some way.

Dance to your own beat, always.

~ Eva

WordPress setting to make private:



This is what mine looks like when I log in.  You can see some of the dances I’ve worked on or want to work on, my workshops, even a post for inspirational messages.  Some I didn’t assign a picture to yet, but if I hover over them it will tell me the name.

blog pictures

This is what my main planning page looks like (it keeps going!):

method to my madness
and this is one of my planning pages, or a piece of it with pictures, videos, links, lists, and rambling:

performance brainstorming

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