Just breathe…

I ramble, thoughts revolving in my head in their own sort of dance.  Pen put to paper, fingers to keyboard, as I share from the path of totality, in more ways than one.

A feeling of softness overwhelms me, of peace.  That all is right with the world.  Of letting go, and of welcoming in, openness.  The song changes within my soul, this one so very personal, from deep within.  Close your eyes, can you feel it?  Connected to all things, one.

There are times when I wake with a song already playing in my head.  Thankfully I can almost always understand the message, feel it, and that I’m not being rick-rolled from crazy dreams.  Music, and dance, can mean different things to each of us, depending on our own emotions, beliefs, knowledge in that moment.  What could be perceived as a very emotional song about loss, could also speak of hope, letting go, of remembrance, and of change.  There is a power and a peace in recapturing our energy…letting go of what was, with nothing but love and trust in our hearts, of good will.  People, places, situations, beliefs, dreams, all of it.  Everything has its moment, but nothing lasts forever.  The curtain falls, the lights dim, the darkness welcoming rebirth and renewal.  A new scene, a new dance.

Do not be afraid of change.  The pain, the anxiety, the fear will pass.  Believe in yourself.  Dance for yourself, create from your soul, and give it your all – for you, and no one else.  You ARE special, and you can do anything you are determined to do.  Believe, trust, and the people you need, the resources you truly need, will fall into place.  You will find a way.

Soften your eyes, breathe deeply, relax your mind and follow your instincts.  You can do so much more than you realize.  You are so much more than you realize.  There is no need to be told you’re special, or needed, or important.  You are all those things, and so very much more.

Dancing on my own, giving my all.  For me.  Breathing deeply as my body naturally flows with the music without conscious thought.  Feeling, filled with nothing but light and hope in a dark room, emotion pouring from my being.  The curtain rises once again…and I know all is just as it is meant to be.

Dance the music within your soul.  For you. Always.

~ Eva


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