Harleyquin Workshops taught at various times or by request

Unless noted, all workshops are scheduled for approximately 1 hour and are held in voice.  Attendance is required to receive the workshop notes and supplies.

For scheduled workshops, click here:  Calendar


Creating a Small Stage Performance
Creating a Crowd Dance with the Barre HUD
Intro to Dance and Choreography
Dancer’s Guide – Preparation for a Performance 

Spot on Tools:

NEW 2018: Spot On Smooth Dancer – Introduction and Putting Your HUD to Work
Spot On Smooth Dancer – Focus on Sequences
Spot On Smooth Dancer – Tips, Tricks, and Using Sequences within Sequences to Create Choreography

NEW 2018:  Choreography Designer – Introduction & the Basics
NEW 2018:  Choreography Designer – Creating Routes: Turns, Travel, Sleep, and Rotation
Choreography Designer – Creating Multiple Dancer Routes, Using Prefixes, Stats, and Particle Paths
Choreography Designer – Synchronizing with Dance Sequences – no slides!
Choreography Designer – New 2.0 Features and Climbing Stairs
Choreography Designer – Rebuild Routes, Mirroring, Making and Editing Multiple Routes at the Same Time

NEW 2018:  Performance Director –  The Basics, What is the Performance Director?
Performance Director – Creating Your First PD Routine
Performance Director – Creating a More Advanced Routine with Multiple Groups
Performance Director – Buttons, Emotes, and Triggers
Performance Director – Idle Animations & Layering Animations

Spot On Stage Manager – 1.5 hour workshop
Spot On Costume Assistant
Spot On Glow Fader/SpotLight (combined)

Barre Animation HUD:

Barre HUD Basics – Benefits, Loading Animations, and Sequences

Spot on Synchronization:

Spot On Synchronization – Starting Your Dancers Backstage


Particles for Performance

HUDs and Scripting:

Making Your Own Trigger HUD
Scripting for Performance – Making things “listen” with a script
Scripting for Performance – Changing color & texture

Music & Editing:

An Introduction to Troff
Audacity Music Player & Editing Program – The Basics
Audacity Music Player & Editing Program – Editing Your Own Music

Building/Object Properties:

Prims – Working with Prims and Prim Properties
Prims – Working with Linked Prims and Faces
Textures – 3d textures, scaling, and more

Photoshop/Image Editing:

Photoshop Activity – Slicing Images for a Seamless Set Background
Photoshop Activity – Flipping Images and Duplicating for a Full Double Width image
Photoshop Activity – Working with Layers

Mini Workshops:

Camera View/Save Setup HUD
Group Change HUD