Thurs Sept 20th @ 6 pm slt – Noir

Fri Sept 21st @ 6 pm slt – Elysium Cabaret Crowd Dance

Fri Sept 28th @ 6 pm slt – Elysium

Sat, Sept 29th @ 1 pm slt – Elysium matinee

Sun,Sept 30th @ 12 pm slt – Inanna

Sundays @ 5pm – Winds of the Sahara Cabaret Show DJ


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Landmark:  Harleyquin Learning Center

I absolutely love teaching dance topics, sharing what I know, and learning in the process.

All are welcome and no registration is required – just come!  Workshops are in voice, so you do need to make sure you can hear voice.  If you prefer not to participate – feel free to come listen!  Comfy chairs and class notes provided.

Please arrive early to prepare.  To allow for greater focus and minimize distractions, the sim is closed when the workshop begins.

Saturday, Sept 22nd

10 am – Creating Small Stage Performances

Small stage performances are not just for the small stage!  By using panels to reduce the size of your dance area, you can create smaller, more intimate, and creative performances where you become the central focus – and still perform anywhere!  Without the need to create a large set and with just a minimal use of movers, you can focus your effort and creativity, showcasing your choreography and style.   Creating a small stage performance is also idea for the new choreographer and we’ll explore why.

During this workshop we will be reviewing the benefits and considerations in creating a small stage performance, the difference in choosing props, costumes, and effects, and how creating for the small stage can provide additional creative opportunities for dance either as a solo or for a small number of dancers.  We will also review how to adapt your small stage set to fit in a standard sized venue.  (1 hour, Project Platform)

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12 pm – Creating Backstage Movers

Get more control over your movers for your dancers!  If you use the Spot On Performance Director, Stage Manager, and Choreography Design System, you can easily create a backstage position for your dancers.  Make it easier and faster for your dancers to jump on their pads by positioning them backstage, even rez them out early!  Move them into position before you open your curtain and start your dance routine.  We will review how to create these “Backstage Routines” and ease the stress for you and your dancers!  (1.5 hours, Training Theatre)

This workshop has been reformatted and will be held in the new Harleyquin training theatre!

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2 PM SLT – Particles for Performance

During this workshop we review the different types of particles, ways to effectively use them to enhance your dance, trigger types and methods, considerations and resources. Includes demonstrations, and extras.  Does not include making your own particles, but three tools used for that purpose will be demonstrated.  Particle HUDs and creation tools will be available for others to try at the end of the workshop.  (1 hour, Particle Studio)

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Monday, Sep 24th

5 PM SLT – Textures – 3d textures, scaling, and more


Saturday, Sept 29th

9 am – Mini Workshop – Camera View/Save Setup HUD

10 am – Photoshop Activity – Slicing Images for a Seamless Set Background

This workshop will be focused on using the Photoshop slicing and cropping tools to create a seamless background for your multi-walled set.  Slices can also be used to create textures for your sky and floor.  Don’t use Photoshop?  That’s ok!  Look up how to slice and crop for the software you use and follow along!  During the workshop we will be slicing and dicing, and I will be providing tools for calculating image sizes for non-standard stage blanks.  (1 hour)


* Sept 30th thru Oct 6th – No Workshops Scheduled, monthly break

Monday, Oct 8th

5 pm – Dancer’s Guide – Preparation for a Performance

Saturday, Oct 13th

9 am – Mini Workshop – Group Change HUD

10 am – Choreography Designer – Introductions & the Basics

First of several workshops available on the Choreography Designer system.

The Spot On Choreography Designer system is a tool to move, rotate, lift, or lower avatars or objects from one point to the next – referred to as waypoints.  Use your stage more effectively by moving your dancers, change the appearance of animations by turning your dancers in a different direction, use this system to move props or even an entire stage during your performance.

During this workshop we examine what each piece is – designer ring, HUD, mover, and waypoints, introduce travel time and sleep time, and review movements examples  including smooth turns, speed, rotation, and more.  Activities include using the designer ring, laying out waypoints, and creating a movement notecard.

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12 pm – Audacity Music Player & Editing Program – The Basics

Free, open source, and cross-platform, Audacity is an excellent music player and editing program highly recommended for anyone!  Simple to use, you may find yourself editing your own music before you know it!  Our focus during this workshop is using the music player features for creating choreography and practicing your performance as we cover opening music files, creating labels to mark certain sections of the music, starting your music at a specific time, and how you can use it to repeat sections as you choreograph.  Future workshops will delve into editing music with Audacity.  Please plan to attend this workshop if you’re interested in continuing with the Audacity workshop series.  (1 hour)