Harleyquin Workshops
led by Eva Harley
held at the Dance Queens Classroom

Who We Are
Previous workshop notes and videos

SL Landmark: Dance Queens Classroom

Hello and welcome! What can I say? I love teaching and sharing what I know with others. I’ve been in the dance world for over nine years, learn something new everyday, and dance in SL provides a creative outlet just not possible in RL. Interested? Come and learn, I’ll share what I know, and always question everything! Take from it what you will and make dance your own.

  • Workshops are presented in VOICE and last 1 hour unless otherwise noted
  • No registration, no fees, tips are welcome
  • Many of the workshops are “hands-on”, we’ll be doing it together. Feel free to participate or observe.
  • Can’t attend? For many workshops I have notes here on this website or I’m working on recording the topics for anyone to watch or read later.

Ready have some fun?

Please arrive early to prepare.  All workshops begin PROMPTLY at the time designated.

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May 14th

9:00 am slt
Organizing Animations

10:30 am slt
Spot On Choreography Design System Class 1: Introduction & the Basics

May 21st

9:00 am slt

10:30 am slt