Harleyquin Learning & Inspiration Center

Harleyquin Learning & Inspiration Center was created by Eva Harley in 2016 through a love of dance and also to give back and support the dance community.  As an established dancer in Second Life since 2013, self avowed lover of all things tech, and an experienced teacher and mentor. Want to know more about me? https://harleyquinadventure.com/eva-harley-bio/


A variety of workshops are presented in voice. There are no fees to attend, no reservations required, and everyone is welcome.  Attendees are free to choose to participate in workshops or listen and and observe.  I strive to provide an open, welcoming, enjoyable, and inspirational learning experience for everyone.

For upcoming workshops, please visit:  https://harleyquinadventure.com/calendar/

For previous workshop class notes and videos, please visit:   https://harleyquinadventure.com/workshops/


The best teachers are not those who merely share knowledge, but inspire others.  I hope any who learn from me are inspired, think higher, reach farther than I have.  In teaching, what we learn, what I teach, is reciprocated ten-fold.  I am forever both teacher and student.

Question everything!  There are many different approaches and methods to dance.  From all you learn, all you experience, strive to create your own methods, ideas, and knowledge.  Unique and in your own voice.

The stage is your canvas, the dancers your paint.  What story will you tell through your creation?


In Harleyquin workshops, I focus on using a variety of methods to interact and present information with a focus towards hands-on-learning and activities.  How each of us learn is as unique as the people we are.  Visual, spoken, hands-on, interactive, and written presentation methods are incorporated within the workshops offered, but there’s more!

I have a blog, too!  Please visit the Harleyquin blog for additional tips, resources, and musings:   https://harleyquinadventure.com/