Store – Full Perm Items for Building

When creating a set, it’s a great idea to turn over every resource. Things you already own, full buildings, scenes, and more. Unlink, change, deconstruct, add and make it your own. Need flowers for a set? Consider buying a fully landscaped garden, unlink, and now you have flowers, bushes, trees and more to use!

Sometimes this isn’t enough. Sometimes you want more control over an item – to retexture it yourself, change it. Perhaps you are collaborating with another dancer and need to transfer the completed set to them. This is when you should consider using Full Permission Building Objects. They are designed to be customized and provide a blank canvas for you to work with.

Note: always respect creators’ work! Do not share objects with full permissions with others. Make it copy or transfer permission if you must share, but not both. Read the creators license agreement. Some items are made to freely share, some cannot be sold unless part of a bigger build. Using just for yourself? No worries then!

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