Boom! Animation Organizer – a key piece of my dance toolbox


What is it is:

  • Object you rez in world.
  • Load animations into each one of the numbered squares.  (some of my squares have over 200 animations)
  • Sit on the Boom pad.
  • Press the arrows for each square to try out each animation



Why I love it:

  • So much easier than wearing multiple huds for choreography or trying to find just the right animation
  • You can organize your animations into the numbered blocks any way you want, by store, type, animation pack, etc.
  • It copy mod, so you can have multiple stations and even add more numbers by unlinking, copying, and linking them back.  super easy!
  • One I loaded mine, I found all these animations hiding in my folder I didn’t even know I had
  • Allows me to easily browse through all my animations, using them more effectively
  • Other people can use it too
  • If you like the animation you’re doing, click on the number.  It can give the animation to you, then you can toss it into your hud.  No searching.

Holds poses, animations, and dances.


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