Dancers Particle HUDS – Activate with a chat command

Particle Tip:

If you own the Dancers Particle particle HUDs called Cyber or Dancing, you can activate the particle without wearing the HUD.  You can use the HUD or a chat command – which means you can add it to your performance timeline, a trigger HUD, or a hot key button.

To activate a particle after rezzing out the emitter (the emitter is where the particle comes from, so you do have to have that):

The channel is 55.

For the Dancing particle emitter – type D and the particle number.  Example:  D01, D05, D12, etc.

For the Cyber particle emitter – type a C and the particle number.  Example:  C01, C05, C12, etc.

To stop the particle, the command is Particle Die.  Example:  /55 Particle Die
* note: this stops all of the particles on both emitters.  You can’t stop just one active particle.

Bonus with using the chat command:  Using the HUD you can only activate 1 particle at a time from each HUD.  Using the chat commands, you can activate multiple particles – but when you stop them with Particle Die it will stop all of them.

I have always recommended these HUDs for dancers, especially dancers new to particles.  Having a chat command makes them even more versatile!

If you have an issue let me know.  Have fun and light up the world!

~ Eva

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