KissMyButt – Categorizing dance animations, Dance Queens Database?

I was stumbling around on the Dance Queens blog using the search function and just have to re-blog this.  I know some of the stores don’t exist anymore (Sine Wave) and this blog post is from 2011, but not two days ago I drove myself batty trying to find a specific type of animation.  I’m not sure if the database is still being updated and I’m not sure I’m organized enough to make a list of my own – but take a look!

(Note:  I wasn’t able to access the Excel version, but I could open the “older google spreadsheet”).  Dance Queens Database

List of Stand Anims (I – Z) by STYLE  (111202)

This is a listing of Stand Animations by STYLE. This list is useful for finding animations that do specific actions for dancing or more often for show dancing.

The same list can be generated from the Dance Database by sorting the Style field.

Full blog post here:  List of Stand Anims (I – Z) by STYLE


arm_move_stand_1 Extreme Animations
arm_move_stand_2 Extreme Animations
boo_Standing_3 Sine Wave
feck_you_stand|7.85| Slow 7.85 Extreme Animations
kissmybutt TUTY’S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
Moon|8| Medium 8 Abranimations
moonie! – Freebie from Animazoo! Animazoo
Oh Yeah Baby!|29.92| 29.92 Ministry Of Motion
VAHGSt08 Vista Animations & Co Shopping


kiss-femenine Vista Animations & Co Shopping
kiss-masculine Vista Animations & Co Shopping

Knee Wiggle

waggle – Freebie from Animazoo! Animazoo


avatar_laugh_short SL Internal Animation
rofl V2 LORAN REDFIELD (Avatar)

Lean Forward

D0081-Stand.N (Adult) Kuso
stand/el4 TUTY’S** & MrS ANIMATIONS

(see full blog post for more, link above)

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