New post for Firestorm users – use zdrop to move animations fast!

Do you just hate having to move animations in teeny tiny batches at a time?  Get greedy (selecting more than about 25) and you’ll get the lovely “failure to create in-world) error.

Do you too get nervous emptying your inventory trash and wish there was an easy way to store those items…just in case?

Da da da daaaaa!  zdrop to the rescue!  This handy feature is available to firestorm users and lets you copy/move items from your inventory fast, easily, and reliably!  But wait!  There’s more!  You can copy animations, scripts, and more to items even while you’re wearing them!  Like Dance HUDs – woot woot!

Read more about it here:     zdrop – know it, use it, love it

Don’t forget to check out the tips & tricks page!  Lots of resources here

Always –
   ~ Eva

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