Meditation, energy, and what you put out there

Me?  I’m a normal person in every way.  Never “just” a normal person, I’m me – and all the insanity and insecurity that comes with it.  Sometimes life overwhelms me.  Sometimes I have to scrabble back from that dark grey pit of anxiety and uncertainty.  Dance is one of the ways I do this, when I can let go.

Yesterday I had to keep repeating to myself that everything will be ok.  I kept reminding myself that if I dwell on feeling like there isn’t enough, that there wouldn’t be – because that’s the mindset and the reality that would become true.  We’ve all been through difficult times and challenges, many of you right now – silent.  You aren’t alone.

Today’s meditation for me, on positivity.  Hope.  Belief.  Focusing on facing challenges, knowing that it will be ok, this too shall pass, and to stand in the light instead of dwelling in the darkness.

Breathe.  Deep.  Find the light in whatever you are facing.  Welcome in positive energy to see you through, and attract in those successes and what is needed.


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