Basic Skills for the New Dancer, and what happens when I make assumptions…

Teaching dance in SL is one of the most rewarding things I do here in this world.  In theassumptions-quote act of sharing with others, I am also learning.  I hope my enthusiasm in teaching inspires others, as their enthusiasm in learning and sharing inspires me to keep going, keep dancing, and keep creating.  To me, this is what learning should be – whatever teacher, whatever mentor, whatever director is guiding you.

This definitely keeps ME going on rough dance days when I just want to find a dark closet to hide in, but I digress….

I realized recently that I assumed everyone had a basic understanding of editing objects before they were bitten by the dance bug.  I learned that I was wrong in this assumption.  At times, the skills we use to move animations, modify notecards, copy properties are new to those still learning, and that by not ensuring these skills were established it was harder for them than it needed to be.

Please visit the full post on the Dance Queens blog, and feel free to make suggestions and ask questions!

The Sirens Call – A Beginning for the New Dancer, Post 5 – Basic Skills Needed Before Working with an Animation HUD

~ Eva

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