Well…my plans took a right turn…

A quote from a movie struck a chord for me:
           “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”

I took a few moments this morning to scan the news headlines.  When we are in a state of anxiety, the body releases cortisol and that “fight or flight” mentality sets in.  The other thing the body does is shut down “non-critical” functions – such as memory, ability to reason, and perception.  Normally, when the stressful situation is over things go back to normal.  When we experience anxiety, we can stay in this state for an extended amount of time which can have long term affects on our ability to focus, memory, and more.  I experience frequent anxiety, as so many people do.

controlSo, my plans took a right turn as I’ll be working long hours Thurs, Fri, and also on Sat.  Because of this, I’m trying to do what I have to do, juggle what I can, and keep reminding myself that RL has to come first and do my best.  Not let my anxiety kick in, accomplishing nothing, and ruminate over what I’ve had to cancel/minimize.

From Wikipedia:  Rumination is the focused attention on the symptoms of one’s distress, and on its possible causes and consequences, as opposed to its solutions

So a quick link to a blog, well worth reading and no – none of us are lazy but they’re really good points!


extra one:


<doing belly breathing>
~ Eva

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