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State of your surroundings, does it reflect your mental state? A story of green things.

As I tend to the woefully neglected yet still green plants in my office, I suddenly wondered… Does the state of my surroundings reflect my mental state? In my office where so many hours are spent, I focus on calming … Continue reading

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On the cusp, everything occurs in cycles

“When you allow what others think to cloud your mind, you block your own light from shining through.”  Monday.  I really don’t like Mondays.  Perhaps it’s that transition, the change in routine as I start my work week.  Perhaps it … Continue reading

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What is Dance in SL?

Yesterday I led a workshop on Introduction to Dance and Choreography, specifically designed for those new or interested in being a choreographer, and those who want to build upon their foundation in dance. This workshop changes because interaction is highly … Continue reading

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Today is brought to you by the letter…B

I think I need to class up the joint here a little bit.  There’s leftover wiggly worms on the floor, discarded huds littering the counters, and squids stuck between the walls (don’t ask).  So, on that note, let’s explore an … Continue reading

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Losing your way, wiggly worms, and finding it again

If you’ve recently stumbled upon this blog, welcome!  It serves so many purposes.  A place for me to share, to communicate, to sort my thoughts and ideas, and to put in words the mishmash that swirls about in my head.  … Continue reading

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Habits for an Enjoyable SL, *Don’t Over Commit Yourself*

I think every one of us knows the tension and stress of meeting deadlines and getting things done – even here in Second Life.  For dancers, it’s being ready for practices, putting in those final touches before the show, and … Continue reading

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Habits for an enjoyable day, * Do Less to Accomplish More *

Second Life isn’t work, and it shouldn’t be.  There are some things that are similar though.  If you create dances, or write, or design clothes, or perform any other endeavor you enjoy it is so easy for time to slip … Continue reading

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