On the cusp, everything occurs in cycles

“When you allow what others think to cloud your mind, you block your own light from shining through.” 

Monday.  I really don’t like Mondays.  Perhaps it’s that transition, the change in routine as I start my work week.  Perhaps it was ingrained in my head as a child as I didn’t like school very much.  “Re-focus your energies, your mindset” I can hear myself say, and that’s true.  I am grateful for the roof over my head, the people in my life, the opportunities I have.

As we enter into the last month of the year, I realize this has been an unusual one.  I know it is the same for others too.  Hopefully the end of this year brings about positive changes and fresh starts for the new one.  Growth, strength, understanding, opportunities.

I feel on the cusp of something once again, related to dance.  New ideas keep shifting around in my head.  My goal, set aside the time to bring it to life, slowly, trusting in the process.  Rushing is the biggest detriment for me.  My dances tend to be phases and keep evolving as I perform them, tweaking them each time until they finally feel complete.  They reveal themselves as I create.

You know, it’s scary sometimes, losing myself in that creation – that point where nothing else exists but that.  I fight it sometimes, procrastinate, keep thinking there are other things that should be done first.  It is generally an approaching deadline that forces me to jump in instead of just sticking my feet in from the dock.  I am a sucker for instant gratification sometimes, crossing something easy off the checklist, that sense of accomplishment.  Creation is a journey, the sense of accomplishment coming from within.  Sometimes it’s taken me weeks to get there, even months.

Everything comes in cycles, the seasons of the year, life, death, rebirth.  The seed that is planted within the soil that rests over the winter months to rise in the spring.  In the Northern Hemisphere we are entering a time of rest, of rebuilding.  Focus.  Self-evaluation.

Create from your heart and from your soul.  If something doesn’t feel right, question it.  If something doesn’t work, approach it from a new direction.  Turn your thoughts on their head.  Dream.  Feel inspired.  Find the places, the things, the people that inspire you and focus on those.  Breathe deeply and stand in the sunlight.

The world is yours.  Make of it what you will.

~ Eva

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