Today is brought to you by the letter…B


I think I need to class up the joint here a little bit.  There’s leftover wiggly worms on the floor, discarded huds littering the counters, and squids stuck between the walls (don’t ask).  So, on that note, let’s explore an English proverb today:

If you’re banging your head against a brick wall working on a dance…

this is generally a sign that you’re going down the wrong path.

Something isn’t working for you.  It might be that you can’t connect with the music – perhaps you’re not in the right headspace for it or it just doesn’t mesh with you.  Perhaps you aren’t connecting with your own creativity but trying to “compete” in your head with someone else (“I can show them!”).  Perhaps you’ve gotten lost on all the extra stuff and need to refocus, or your set just doesn’t feel right.  There are a myriad of reasons why your creativity can dry up, why you aren’t inspired, why you feel like you’re slogging through mud.

Take a step back.  Take a deep breathe.  Maybe even take a day or two.  Toss all your pre-conceived notions out of your mind and look at your dance impartially.  What doesn’t feel right?  Your vision, the music, the emotion, what you’ve created?  Stop and rewind.

Sometimes it’s best to put that dance away for a time, until you’re in the right mood and creative space for it.  Sometimes the song just isn’t right for you, so change it.  Sometimes it’s your creative vision – go in a different direction.  Sometimes you just need a little time to step back and see the forest for the trees.

No matter what action you take, if you’re beating your head against a wall and trying to force your dance to come to life, generally nothing ever comes good from that.
Strive to create from a place of enjoyment, creativity, and expression.
When you find that…that is the magic.

bang head against wall stop

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