Habits for an Enjoyable SL, *Don’t Over Commit Yourself*

I think every one of us knows the tension and stress of meeting deadlines and getting things done – even here in Second Life.  For dancers, it’s being ready for practices, putting in those final touches before the show, and balancing our passion with demands on our time.  (Yes – RL is important too!  We all need clean underwear!)

For my whole entire existence (even before SL was thought of!), I’ve pushed myself to do more – often beyond the limits of time and space.  Passion, obsession, and drive compel me at times to say “yes” when I should be focusing all my efforts on the project at hand.

In the dance world, over committing yourself can cause anxiety, stress, missed deadlines, and creating dances that aren’t all that they could be.  As I explore ways to make life more enjoyable and relaxed, this is by far the one I need to focus on.  My new goal?  Not to commit to something new until my current creation is done.

I wonder if hypnosis would help?  Maybe a sleep recording?  A pit of snails for negative reinforcement?  <ewwww>

Happy dancing from the edge of insanity!
~ Eva

Don’t over commit yourself. Evaluate all of your various commitments and look for areas to cut back. Make a distinction between what is essential and what is just busy work. Look for ways to delegate, outsource, minimize, or eliminate unnecessary or time consuming activities that don’t contribute much to your primary objective and complicate your workday.

Source:  http://advancedlifeskills.com/blog/17-ways-to-create-the-perfect-workday/

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