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No workshops today, Spring cleaning and newness

No workshops for today – I’m working on some fixing some system issues. There will be some new blog posts this week and some workshop restructuring. I’m excited – and hope to see y’all soon! Always, ~ Eva

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Simple Scripting – Making Particles Listen

Please check the calendar to see when this workshop is next scheduled or contact EvaHarley inworld if you are interested.  Harleyquin Calendar Workshop Overview: During this mini-workshop we will focus on how to take a full perm particle script and make … Continue reading

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A Common Theme…Stay Strong

Stay strong. One of those catch phrases we often see on mugs. But.. what if it’s more than that? What if it’s a mantra to remind ourselves we ARE strong. Even when life seems to want to push us down, … Continue reading

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New Resources are being added!

Slow and steady is the name of the game lately – but things are progressing. A new feature has been added – a list of full perm clothing/shoe/jewelry creators has been added and frequently updated. Take a look, here

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Oh my! New particles released?

Sometimes I love to lurk on marketplace and see what’s new – especially the gadgets section. It looks like M2D and Illusions have both released new particles. Lots of promising uses for the new particles they’ve released! Check out their … Continue reading

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Be fierce and OWN who you REALLY are

I love watching Ted Talks, everything from bamboo houses to insight into amazing art to thought provoking topics. When I was young, I thought I’d have everything figured out by now.  Now?  I’m still a work in progress.  Always learning, … Continue reading

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Smooth Dancer Tips & Tricks!

In preparation for tonight’s workshop, I’ve researched, and thought, and wracked my brain for all those little ways to wring out that little bit extra from this amazing animation and choreography tool. Read here for the newest updates to my … Continue reading

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