Learn & Play! New stuff this week! (5/18-5/25)

“Hey hey we’re the monkees…and people say we monkey around
but we’re too busy dancing!

It’s a fantastic thing to once again wake up to music in my head. The dancers in my head have been quiet for waaay too long but I hear some shuffling up there which is a great sign! So…..what’s the plan? Changing up the workshops, a bit of newness, add a sprinkle of glitter and fun…voila’!

New changes: all workshops will start promptly at 15 after and the sim will be closed once begun to minimize distractions. A couple other things in the works – stay tuned!

Harleyquin Learning Center: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Little%20Dream/108/73/3501

Sat, May 18th

9:15 am slt
Moves & Grooves – meshing music, choreograph
y, and transitions
Fully interactive dance session as we practice meshing music, creating choreography, choosing animations, transitions, and more! A dance HUD with animations is required, bring questions and problem transitions!
(60 mins, Dance Studio)

11:15 am slt
Spot On Tools

We’re taking a stroll through the primary Spot On Tools, what they can do, and the order to learn them for a strong dance foundation. Take them for a test drive, and bring your questions! Geared towards the new dancer, those interested in new tools, and anyone with questions.
(60 mins, Project Platform)

Sat, May 25th

9:15 am slt
Field Trip – Particle Stores

Once a month we pack our trail mix and kool-aid before taking off for the great unknown. This month’s itinerary is three particle stores where we will explore what’s available, different types, considerations, and how to use. Meet at Harleyquin @ 9:15 to catch the bus!
(1 hour, Field Trip)

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