Inspiration, voices, and letting go

I had to pause for a moment as I thought these words in my head: “when I met P!nk”….

Then I realize – I haven’t actually met her. I was so very lucky to have been able to attend one of her concerts earlier this year. If you’ve seen her…you feel like you met her. She’s so real…she just lays it all out there. She gives it everything she has, and it was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. The audience milling about outside the arena was a literal melting pot, and I felt overwhelmed with…acceptance. No difference, no judgement, each of us were unique and I felt as one with every single person there. I almost put “but I felt” but there are no “buts” – there is only and. and I felt as one.

In society today, acceptance of who we are feels harder. Maybe part of it’s the media, a plethora of other things. What I know is me. My circle of influence, the people I surround myself with, and me, myself. I can’t change the world, but perhaps…just perhaps I can share that feeling of acceptance with others. That feeling of oneness. A friend shared with me these words yesterday, “there is room for everyone”, and there is. I may not understand everyone’s choices – but do I have to?

Today, instead of worrying if what I do is good enough or that I’m letting people down. If I’m “past my prime”. Instead of letting judgement cloud my head, worrying about who has stars on thars…today, I will focus on being me. Laying it all out there and giving it everything I have. Not think about what is expected, but releasing my voice…loudly. Letting go. Dismantling the wall inside.

I’m so very moved by this, and thank a very special person for sharing it with me.

Blessed be. Namaste. May the lord keep you and watch over you.
~ Eva

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