What’s new pussycat…workshops

Sure…now I have that Tom Jones song in my head…doesn’t make it easy to focus. I haven’t had my morning coffee yet either – what is this world coming to????

A mix of the new and a mix of my favorite – two workshops! I’ll be testing out offering each workshop on a Monday night and early Saturday. With time zones and work schedules this will hopefully make them available to many. So…what has been spinning in my crazy head?

Spot On Smooth Dancer
~ Become one with your HUD ~
Monday, 6/24 @ 6 pm and Saturday, 6/29 @ 3 pm slt

This is Spot On animation tool for creating and playing animations and dance sequences and what I consider the first dance foundation tool everyone should start with. If you own it but haven’t used it, or have used it but aren’t comfortable this is the workshop to come to. In July we will add on sequences, for which solid understanding of this hud is a must.

Couples Dancing
~ Begin on the right foot ~
Monday, 7/8 @ 6 pm and Saturday, 7/13 @ 10 am slt

During this foundation workshop we will review couples dance: tools used to create one and what can make it really stand out. I’ll be sharing examples, brief demonstrations, and key concepts such as transitions, pivots, composition, and dancer complement.

As always, everyone is welcome to participate or listen. Don’t have the tool? Just curious? Feel free to come listen. Workshops are always free. Donations always appreciated.

The workshop area is currently being redesigned. Please keep an eye on the calendar page and the in-world group. They’ll be updated soon.

Happy feet!
~ Eva

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