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New post for Firestorm users – use zdrop to move animations fast!

Do you just hate having to move animations in teeny tiny batches at a time?  Get greedy (selecting more than about 25) and you’ll get the lovely “failure to create in-world) error. Do you too get nervous emptying your inventory … Continue reading

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State of your surroundings, does it reflect your mental state? A story of green things.

As I tend to the woefully neglected yet still green plants in my office, I suddenly wondered… Does the state of my surroundings reflect my mental state? In my office where so many hours are spent, I focus on calming … Continue reading

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On the cusp, everything occurs in cycles

“When you allow what others think to cloud your mind, you block your own light from shining through.”  Monday.  I really don’t like Mondays.  Perhaps it’s that transition, the change in routine as I start my work week.  Perhaps it … Continue reading

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Harleyquin Learning Center Workshops This Week – Dec 1st through Dec 7th

It’s time for more workshops!  All rested and recovered from a lovely weekend/too much turkey?  I’m ready to have fun, let my hair down, share, and play! All are welcome and no registration is required. Come and participate or observe!  … Continue reading

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Meditation, energy, and what you put out there

Me?  I’m a normal person in every way.  Never “just” a normal person, I’m me – and all the insanity and insecurity that comes with it.  Sometimes life overwhelms me.  Sometimes I have to scrabble back from that dark grey … Continue reading

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Workshops today have been rescheduled for next Sunday! Happy Thanksgiving holiday!

Today’s workshops on the Smooth Dancer HUD and transitions/freestyling have been rescheduled to next Sunday. Please enjoy the holiday weekend, or a lovely Saturday.  I am so thankful for everyone in my life, every one who has touched it in … Continue reading

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What is Dance in SL?

Yesterday I led a workshop on Introduction to Dance and Choreography, specifically designed for those new or interested in being a choreographer, and those who want to build upon their foundation in dance. This workshop changes because interaction is highly … Continue reading

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