Please Stand By…memory refresh in progress

Please Stand By…memory refresh in progress

memory post itsIt feels good to be home again after a week away.  I live in the South, sometimes referred to as the screen door to hell because of the heat but I was slammed with how oppressive it was way up in Northwestern New York!

Overall it was a great trip, but I did miss home – my routines, knowing where everything is, my comfortable bed…

The best thing about the trip – and the long drive?  Inspiration and a reset of thoughts.  Sometimes my thoughts get so jumbled.  I may have everything lined up and keep telling myself…do this…do this…do this.  It’s good to stop sometimes and ask “why am I doing this?  why do I do it this way?”.  I am on a path to self discovery, satisfaction, and growth.  In some ways it’s never ending, but slowly I find what inspires me, motivates me, what I enjoy most.  Most importantly I learn the triggers to my anxiety and methods to cope with it.  Slowly I learn how to balance my need for a lone time and my need to spend time with friends, keeping those relationships strong.  It was a bit unplanned, but I had an amazing time finding small items for my longest and dearest friend in SL to add to her package.  Didn’t make it to FedEx before I left, but will tomorrow after replacing the three bags of gourmet chocolate I left in NY…

While away, my brain slowed down a bit.  I went to an amazing glass museum and still feel so inspired by the art I saw.  I even created two pieces myself while I was there and did a lot of introspection during quiet moments.  I can’t be everything to everyone, no one can.  But what I love, what I enjoy most, I can focus on, do my best, and share that with others.  I have a nurturing soul and a soft heart, easily hurt and at times easily taken advantage of.  I have always poured my heart into what I love, what I’m fully engaged in.  This is a strength I believe.  A weakness?  Having my thumb in too many pies.  This I have done my whole life, especially in RL work.  At times, even in this world I have done the same but through various transitions things are just about the way they should be.


I haven’t read this book in a while and should again.  The Four Agreements.

This…and slow and steady win the race.  Those are my mottoes for the upcoming days and weeks.

What is your motto?  Perhaps even a theme song for the upcoming days?

So glad to be home again.
~ Eva

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