See Me, Feel Me: Inspiration and Echoes

See Me, Feel Me.  A dance performance, generally RL, that touched me in some way, but I won’t go into detail how.  That’s for you to feel, to see, to listen for yourself.  I watch dance performances in SL, and in RL through videos.  I sink deep into them, how do I feel, how do I react to it, can I feel the movement, does it inspire me, or do I dislike it.  In turn, I believe it expands my own mind and creativity.

I find that while contemporary dance is the style that moves me the most, what appeals to me depends on the moment and my own mindset.  I believe this is true for each one of us – and my hope is that I, and for all of you, keep stepping outside of my comfort zone and create from the heart and not from the mind.

I will soon be teaching a workshop on “small stage performances”, which I consider this to be.  A small area of focus, our eyes drawn to the dancer’s expressive moments, the flow of her costume and costume transitions.  Minimal set, visual image changes – subtle but compelling.

I see so much more, inspiration and echoes.  What do you see?

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