Visual Art…Inspiration of Performance Art?

Alas, last minute snafus as I prepare to leave for a visit to family.  I turn to art – to soften my thoughts and to ease the tension in my shoulders.  I write for others – that perhaps my shared words might inspire in a way, encourage the journey in others, but primarily I write for myself as part of a healing process.  Sometimes it is purely for the need of releasing the visions that swirl about in my head.  Sometimes it’s putting emotions to paper.

Does a piece of art influence the dance creations of others I wonder?  Is this the piece I sometimes miss?  Composition itself is a form of art, putting together a set that is balanced, pleasing to look at, conveys the desired results and looks just as though it was meant to be that way.

This morning it is art I share…

I am hoping that while I’m away, I’ll have moments of time when I can lose myself within creation, generally early in the morning as I sip my coffee and the sun comes up.  A natural rhythm, a natural flow are important, and I’m very sensitive to when these are off balance.

May your day be one of bright colors and bold strokes.
~ Eva

I could create this…and think I will..


I don’t care for the noose, but what of a dance in shadow?

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