Hesitation, Meditation, Motivation, and Passion

Hesitation, Meditation, Motivation, and Passion…

Do you ever feel the tightness in your chest?  The almost dread, wondering if your creation will be all you want it to be?  The stress and time seems to fly by so much faster than you ever expected?  This is but one part of our life, SL.  Home, friends, family, work, RL….it is always a challenge to balance our needs and our desires.  As I work on changing my patterns this becomes more profound.  When you’re used to running up to the wire for everything, your mind and body seem to become accustomed to that adrenaline – that push to race to the end.  In changing that, it sometimes feel like my mind is rebelling…and when I give in to – “I’ll work on it in the morning”, I’m overcome with elation.  Like the feeling I got as a child when school released for summer.  You know what follows?  Stress and rushing to meet my deadlines, and sometimes I have to drop ideas for the time so that I can finish what I need to.  It’s not easy, retraining habits I’ve had long before I embraced the world of dance here in SL.  I know it will be worth it, and on the journey I’m realizing some of my “coping” mechanisms, or avoidance mechanisms and beginning to see them for what they are.  Marketplace is probably the biggest of them all for me.  I am grateful, however, that I’m not too much of a shopaholic RL (except when I found the amazing opportunities to buy used books online, and Amazon daily deals – UPS knew me very very well for a while).

Yep, I fall off the horse quite a bit still – trying to plan and work ahead but I am really starting to see a difference in some things, and will continue to spread that to my dance creations.  Giving up isn’t the answer and I know that.  Falling back into my bad habits isn’t the answer.  Balance, planning, peace, meditation, and doing are my answers.

One of my daily goals?  Meditation – to rebalance, regroup, calm me, and believe in myself.  My head spins – constantly, with thoughts, ideas, visions, solutions.  It’s tiring sometimes and stillness is important.  The video here may be one of the best meditations I’ve ever followed.  Or maybe it’s what I need at the moment and clicks, or maybe I’m very open to it at the moment…or maybe….

I can feel the cool air stir along my skin as the fan spins above me, just as I felt the warmth this morning as I walked outside barefoot to watch the chickens and rabbits calmly go about their ways.  I feel calm and inspired, connected.

Stop, perhaps, and take a moment.  Where does your balance come from?  Keeps your passion and inspiration flowing…..your candle burning.

A very happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there.

Walk your path – embrace your light, and be you.  For always and ever.
~ Eva



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