Meditation, Mental Blocks, and Marshmallows

I could feel it slipping up on me, the procrastination, feeling tired, like I was walking through sludge.  Aiming to break through my walls of procrastination and remaining stagnant, I thought hmm….what would help.  This was the first time I’d meditated to the practitioner in this video, and I must say I could feel the sludge sliding away and feel light and relaxed.  I’m an avid believer in meditation clearing the mind and rebalancing the body – all matter being made of energy.  I’m also reading a book about energy strands, which in some ways a bit surprising, and in others – not at all.

May you all have a day of balance and joy, and even a marshmallow or two.  Hot chocolate with marshmallows for an evening dessert treat is another soothing mechanism for me at times.

Breathe deep, release it slowly, and live in the sunlight
~ Eva

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