Evolution of Creation and Rambling Thoughts

Evolution of Creation and Rambling Thoughts

blessed are the weird peopleNo updates on Blind and Frozen yet.  I’ve been finding that I’ve been time challenged.  I realize that I can multi-task/work faster on the “non-physical” items.  Planning out the ideas, finding the music, marking the music.  When it comes to choosing animations, choreography, building and movers – these are more intense processes for me.  I need a block of time in world and to lose myself within it.

I’ve been debating.  I have multiple build platform areas, less than I used to.  My head is always spinning, I at times want to label a build area for each dance I will be creating – but at what point is that spreading it to thin?  Am I better keeping two…maybe three out, maximum?  I usually have a re-work going, a performance that needs adjustment or “tells me” it wants a bit more.  (There does come a point when a dance feels done, then I put down the paintbrush down before I overwork it.)  Odd feeling – when I think of only having one build area, I feel like I’m neglecting my other dances!  I think three max…   Shifting back to the main track…

The physical items, like choreography.  Why are those slower for me to accomplish?  They don’t usually take an excessive amount of time – once I begin.   I think it’s because I have to be in world, not just letting my mind think of ideas which can happen all times of the day and night.  I think it’s because I have to be focused and shut out all distractions.  Aha!

I’m stubborn, when I have my mind set on something – then that’s what I feel compelled to do.  (Remember the days I spent making the perfect lunch tray for a dance?)  Sorting my inventory is one of those compulsive things…if I can’t find my clothes or building supplies, then how am I supposed to use them?  On the flip side, I could spend all my time sorting inventory and not accomplish anything.  Sorting inventory, doing monotonous things are calming and “safe” to me, a subconscious coping mechanism when my head starts spinning too much.  Hmm….

Time is always limited in SL for everyone.  What is most important to me?  I’m an odd duck – I hate rules and being controlled, being too scheduled makes me feel overwhelmed – but having a plan and lists is when I find myself most productive.  What if perhaps I plan on sorting inventory on Sundays for a while….will that ease this compulsion?   Incorporating daily meditation has made a significant difference, and solitary activities I enjoy I now do on the weekends.  I will continue getting out to more shows, events, and spending time with friends – because interaction and experiences are one of the most amazing things of SL.

This raises the question.  When is the best time to create?  What do I need around me?  I think I will save this question and share pictures of my creation areas.

There was another reason I started this post.  I’m currently working on another dance, which was scheduled before Blind and Frozen.  I find that I need to follow the process and create the way I do….because concepts change and evolve as I follow my flow.  I realized today that my whole set concept has changed as I put together the choreography and let the music flow though my mind.  Does this mean I couldn’t create a dance with a pre-made set?  No.  It does mean that the evolution of the creation is a synergetic flow for me…everything rolls, flows, and evolves together.  An insight I never realized until now.

Perhaps part of creativity is being open and responsive to the way you work best, incorporating methods that inspire and motivate your creativity.  Inspiration drives you to begin, motivation keeps you compelled to continue, to keep creating through the end.  It now makes me wonder, what of other parts of life?  What inspires me?  The time of day, the surroundings, the patterns…

Sometimes it eases my spinning thoughts when I release them here, give each thought consideration without overthinking.  Perhaps writing can be like meditation in a way?  As you still your mind you see your thoughts and let them calmly drift away as though on the wings of a butterfly until you find the space of calmness and silence.

Such a contemplative mood I’m in today…

I am me.  I am not perfect, nor the knower of all things.  I care, I try, I believe, and I do my best to lift others up.  I see the value in others and celebrate our differences, and I try to grow from my mistakes and overcome the thoughts that would drag me down.

This is me.
~ Eva

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