Troubleshooting – Costume Assistant

Troubleshooting when the Costume Assistant doesn’t respond:

Basic things to check:

  • Check the channel it’s listening on.  The wearer can touch the costume assistant and it will pop up with the current channel.  This can be changed in the configuration notecard in its contents.
  • Double check the name of the RLV folder to be added/removed.  Is it spelled exactly the way you expect, including punctuation and spaces?  If you are trying to activate someone else’s Costume Assistant, you can use search to confirm:  /42 search mycostume
  • Is the Costume Assistant star gold?  If not, RLV may need to be enabled or a relog is needed.

If you are activating someone else’s costume assistant by command:

  • Are you an authorized user?  They’re configuration notecard should allow all, group, or an individual.  Individual is recommended for the most control.
  • If you are an authorized user on their configuration card, is your name spelled correctly?  This should be the display name.  If you do not have a separate last name, include Resident.  Example:  evaharley Resident
  • Can you ping the other person’s Costume Assistant?  Example:  /42 ping   – you should receive a “pong” response if you are an authorized user for that person’s costume assistant and you have the right channel.

Other issues/questions:

Q.  I don’t have the option to enable RLV

A.  The standard SL viewer does not have the RLV option.  Other viewers such as Firestorm do.

Q.  I can’t get the clothing to remove, but once I manually remove it, I can add it and remove it.

A.  To remove an object/clothing from costume assistant, the items that are in the costume assistant RLV folder must be the copies worn.  Example:  I have a hat in my object folder in my inventory.  I put a copy of this hat in the RLV folder so I can add and remove it.  If I wear the copy of the hat in my object folder, the Costume Assistant can’t take it off.  Why?  It’s trying to remove the copy of the hat in the RLV folder – which I’m not wearing.  If I manually take off the hat, the Costume Assistant can add the right copy of it, and then take it off.

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