Simple Trigger HUDS – Editing the Scripts for Your Own Use

During my Costume Assistant Workshop and Workshop on creating your own Trigger costume assistant testerHUDs, I share HUD examples.  These are easy prim HUDs you wear on your screen and can create yourself.  You can use these to trigger Costume Assistant changes, turn on particles that listen to chat commands, etc.

In these two examples, there are three prims – the black background trigger hudand one for each of the buttons.  The buttons are simply flat cubes where I’ve applied a texture, then linked the three pieces together making the black background the root prim.  I then take a copy into inventory, choose to attach as a HUD and resize/rotate it if I need to.

Each button has a script in it.  This is where you tell the script what channel for the shout and what to shout.

I designed these HUDs so that you can easily change the channels and shout commands, and also add additional buttons if you choose to.  (Unlink one of the buttons make copies, then relink to the main prim – OR – make your own prim and just add a copy of the Trigger HUD script.)

The Trigger HUD script that goes in each button:

touch_start(integer total_number)
llShout(7777, “addfolder EVA BEDLAM ASYLUM”);
llShout(7777, “removefolder EVA BEDLAM BALLGOWN”);

Touch start tells the script “do this stuff when I’m touched”.

llShout is just that – shout this stuff.  The first part is the channel number, the second part in quotes is what it should shout.

If you want a delay in between, this is what llSleep is.  This tells the script to “sleep” for however many seconds you put in between the parentheses.

Each button has its own script – keeping it simple.  You can make as many copies of the hud as you want and adjust the script for yourself!  You can even make it shout ten things with one button!

Contact EvaHarley in-world if you’re interested in learning about creating your own Trigger HUDs.

Happy dancing!

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