Blogging & Building Blocks – Phantom and other special object properties

When it comes to dance in SL, there are two things that I strongly believe in:

Knowledge is power

Dance should stem from choreography, choreography from emotion and feeling

To this end, I try to and enjoy freely sharing information, thoughts, and even struggles that I go through being part of the amazing world of dance in SL.  In turn, I am grateful to all those who have taught, supported, nudged, and even disagreed with me in my journey.

Be open to everything, all new ideas, methods, tools, inspirations – then decide where you want to focus your effort and your time, decide what methods work for you – and make it yours.

At times, I may have more to share than at others.  Or, perhaps it is the calm before the storm as I gear up for new Harleyquin workshops.  Sometimes new opportunities arise, ones that can provide additional outreach in certain facets.

On the Dance Queens blog, I’ve been inspired to explore new topics – written for a different audience, slightly less opinionated than I am occasionally here.  <grins>

I will share the link here, for I hope others may find it of value.  For this post, I explain the special properties you can assign your objects, and why I believe sets and props should almost always be phantom.

My post, on Dance Queens blog:
Dance Queens: Building Blocks & the “Phantom” Menace

Enjoy, and as always, yours in dance
~ Eva

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