Amazing Events, Mood, Music, & Random Thoughts


It’s been soooo long since I’ve just rambled on my blog.  Amazing how time just seems to fly faster and faster since I began Madness.

If we haven’t met in SL before – why not???  I’m sure you too may enjoy my foray into the insane and passionate, quirky.. and some days flying by the seat of my pants..ha!  Such a mix sometimes, being a moody Scorpio, a horrid procrastinator (still working on that!), a “system and order” loving psyche, and this crazy creative wild streak that has dancers in my head almost all the time.  Some days it has me doing circles or hiding under my rock!

I must say, it has been an extremely challenging month.  Sometimes reactions and emotions have me running the opposite way of the dancers in my head (that doesn’t make them happy btw).  Sometimes I’m so intensely focused, new ideas floating in my head as I create.  I build a set, strip it, rebuild it, and go wild on it.  A recent one took almost 5 solid days worth of work in total…over 40 hours for a single bit of music.  How insane is that?  What I can’t put a price on is how happy it makes me, how much it moves me when it’s complete, how thrilled I am to share it with others or even just watch it myself.  Every dance is an expression of me in some way.

Note to self – sometimes it’s NOT a good idea AT ALL to try to learn something new when I’m on a tight time frame.  I’m a systems person, generally take very quickly to new programs and software.  Blender is totally kicking my ass with my newest endeavor.  After backtracking and finding a quick solution that worked great, I think I should take the time and learn to crawl before I try to run a marathon with it, eh?

The events part?  The main one is the Lighting the Way – Autism Awareness charity event.  I am so honored to be part of it – through Moonstone Theatre, Winds of the Sahara, and my own troupe – Harleyquin.  It’s still going strong this week, so I do hope you can find some time to make it!

I’m also participating in Fantasy Faire this year – which has been more of a challenge than I anticipated but I keep reminding myself that it’s good to be flexible, open-minded, and do my best and enjoy the ride.  If everything runs smoothly, I think it will be a fun event – and as a DragonCon fan in RL, what’s not to love about Fantasy Faire in SL?

Sometimes I’m really chill, or I go along with something I really should stand up to, other times I will be really vocal and demanding.  The key I think is knowing the difference, what really is the best course of action and taking it.  I’m reminding myself that it’s good to be flexible, while not letting people walk all over me/take advantage of my “let’s do this” mentality, or be part of something that’s not a positive experience for me.  Life is too short and SL is the last place where I need toxic experiences and people in my life.

I’m taking some time off from performing in May so that I can focus on creating the new dances that are swirling about in my head, or the ones that I’ve begun and not finished…or are missing those finishing details that make it amazing.

Some have taken longer this month…having reached a point where it didn’t “feel right” as I created.  This usually means that instead of pushing through I need to stop and figure out what direction my creative mind REALLY wants to go.  Sometimes I wish my head had a GPS and would just tell me to “turn right here” or “at the nearest convenience, take a u-turn”.  My inventory is chock full of stuff I was going to use, then changed my mind.

I found my biggest thing lately is that my imagination creates these super complex dance sets & scripts and bells and whistles, but that sometimes stripping it back and going simple is *so* much more powerful.  A simple set, strong choreography, and the particular entrance and placement of the dancers can do so very much for a dance that my original complex idea pales by comparison.  That was a happy accident…

I DJ the performances at Winds of the Sahara and straight DJ Shagwong Cove at 11 am slt on Sundays.  Sometimes I wonder about the straight DJ gigs- my biggest passion is dance, but then like this morning I lose myself in high energy mood lifting music and I can’t imagine not DJing – not creating the playlists and letting lose a bit, not taking requests and being exposed to so much music I’d never heard before.  Scorpio that I am, I study what a good DJ does, I pay attention to ones I love in SL, I strive to create great playlists and experiences.  Alan Walker is my new idol – and wow, he’s done a new mix to This is Me.   To create like this would be beyond my wildest dreams…

Why do I always forget that listening to music can lift my mood?  Help me work through a feeling I’m experiencing???

I like the Sunday blocks because I only schedule them for an hour, but may go over.  My theory?  “hit em hard and take them for a ride”.  Keep the energy and the fun high.  If I’m not having a great time…I’m tired, worn out, stressed, I *know* that comes across.  This one hour block helps get me out of the treadmill I can fall onto…just let everything else go for that time and have fun.  It’s not better than chocolate for lifting a mood, but it’s damn close!

I wish I had more time to experience other things, exploring sims, live singers and events.  Thankfully the gacha machines may have forgotten my name – and that’s a good thing!

Always such a challenge to balance.  Taking May off of performing to reboot.  DJing and workshops will still go on though!

May your SL be AMAZING – and be who you are meant to be!  We are all mad here, if we can’t embrace our inner selves in this world, where can we?

Unabashedly a bit mad,
~ Eva ‘fruit loop’ Harley




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