*THIS* is what happens while you create a dance!

OK, I stumbled on this and honestly….this is scary accurate for what a choreographer goes through when creating a dance.  Get it?  Scary?  Hahahahahaha!  I just amuse myself…

Oh sure…it’s simple they said…just buy some animations they said….a set?  just need a box with some moving pictures on it they said…..moving?  who needs to move?  pfft…they said.


Know what else?  To me – it’s worth it, and as I go through the creative process I decide IF I need all the “stuff”.  After a song just pounds away in my head DEMANDING to be created, I brainstorm every thought, feeling, idea, marketplace prop I think of and find.

Know what?  A lot ends up on the cutting room floor.

and that’s OK.

We’re creating a dance, not a movie, but in a way aren’t they a bit the same?  We want to tell a story, we want to evoke an emotion, to share something of ourselves.  True – we’re not going to make a billion dollars but we also (hopefully) don’t have a studio breathing down our neck telling us how we have to do something either.

For me, a lot of the choices and considerations in that diagram above are spot on!  Except maybe the party for the premiere bit…I need to work on that…

So…do you follow a process when creating a dance?  Do you have a flow, make conscious choices, or kinda just toss it all together and see what comes out?  Is either way better?  Hmmm…

–> off to make a horror movie

~ Eva

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