Dance in SL – Putting Together the Pieces

As I look over my blog, I see all the different pieces – the topics, the words, the tips and the tricks.  I realize that having all of these in different places can make it difficult…there’s no flow for someone new to dance.  Sadly, this is the way my brain operates sometimes – jumping from one place to another.  This is my attempt to bring it all together in one cohesive place.  It will be a work in process for quite a while, but it will help refresh my mind and inspire, and hopefully others may gain just a bit from it.

A Beginning and Flow for the New Dancer

The most important thing I can share for a new dancer in SL is passion.  Dance provides the opportunity to study a piece of music, to tell a story through dance, choreograph, build sets, costume, create textures.  It can even go on to creating objects, scripting, and creating your own costumes.  There really is such a variety in expressing yourself creatively, and you get to choose your own style, your methods, your focus.

– Visit Shows

Go to many venues, see what you like, what you don’t.  Get a feel for performances in SL, explore and enjoy.

Read more here:  The Sirens Call – a beginning for the new dancer

– Listen to the Music

At its core, there are really just two requirements to dance.  Music and movement.  Spend a little time listening to different pieces, different styles of music.  Feel the emotions, feel the flow, which ones speak to you?  Close your eyes and let them flow through you.  Can you see them in your head?  There is no rush, no guidelines at this time.  Once you begin to learn dance in SL, you will never listen to or feel music the same way again.

Read more here:  “Official” Book of Dance Rules

– Building Tools

Dance in SL is unlike RL.  In RL, we use our bodies to move, to express the music.  In SL, we must use various tools to accomplish this.

In this step, we focus what types of tools there are…THEN watch dance performances again at different venues, see how they are used by others.  Each choreographer creates in their own way, using the tools they prefer in whatever way they choose.

There is a significant difference in knowing the technical aspect of using a tool, and WHY.  One of my favorite quotes is, the set is your canvas, the dancers your paint.  The tools you use are your paintbrushes.

Read more here:  Dance Tools – types and options


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