Dance Tools – Types and Options

There are a myriad of tools available in SL that can be used to create a dance.  Here, my focus is to give a brief overview of each type and information about the tools I’m aware of.  As I myself expand my knowledge, this page too will expand.

Types of Tools:

Animation HUDS
Movers/Movement Systems
Set Rezzers
Particles/Particle HUDS
Costume Tools
Fade Systems
Performance Coordination Systems

Animation HUD– A type of HUD that is worn on your screen which contains a number of animations.  An animation is a special type of item in Second Life, that when played will move various parts of the avatar.  Animation HUDs generally display the names of animations loaded in the HUD, and allow you to “play” them when you press the button.  When an animation is played, you will perform the selected animation – such as a bow or dance.  Some animation HUDs also allow you to invite others to the HUD and control their animations at well.  They may also be able to play a sequence of animations and/or record a sequence of animations.  Example:  waltz, pose, then bow is a sequence.

Movement System – A movement system is basically a tool that moves dancers from one set of coordinates to another.  For example, your dancers start on the stage floor, and you want them to rise 2 meters so they are flying, or move them to the left and to the right.  A mover system will allow you to do this.  There are several mover systems.  I recommend exploring.  You may find that some tools work better in certain situations than others.  A mover system is generally comprised of two things:  a HUD or some type of master control, and movers or dance balls which your dancers sit/stand on.  By moving the dance ball or mover your dancer stands on, it also moves your dancer.

Set Rezzers – A set rezzer is a special object in which you “pack” your set.  You may then bring this rezzer to different dance venues, build platforms, or anywhere that you can rez objects.  Once you activate the rezzer, it will “rebuild” your set, allowing you to bring it almost anywhere or to save it compactly for later.  When finished, you activate the “de-rez” or “clear” option, and your set is removed but still in the rez box. This is very similar to rezzers used when you buy most houses from Market Place.

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