Choreo Designer 1.20 Bug Workaround

Quick note on Choreography Design System 1.20

I love this update and the addition of the stats – arrival and departure times for each waypoint.  I also love to “shift-copy” my designer rings.  I create a route for the dancer to my left, go to edit, then hold the shift key as I click and drag one of the arrows.  This makes an exact copy of the ring, so now I have routes for *two* dancers.

Problem?  Stats don’t work on the ring you copied after you shift copy.  I tried nearly everything to fix it, until a fellow dancer in the Spot On group shared the “fix”.  If the stats won’t show, add another waypoint to the route – then delete it if you want.  This jump starts it into showing stats again.

I’d tried resetting scripts, copying with stats on, copying with stats off – but adding a waypoint and deleting it works.  Shift-copy, plus mirror, are amazing time savers with the choreo designer – plus you can still edit waypoints after you copy/mirror.

Happy creating!

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