Camera and Video tips and tricks

Gyazo  is an absolute wonder for taking screen captures and videos – a whole area or just a section of your screen.  Free users can take screen captures, up to 7 seconds of video and view recent captures.  Pro users can take up to 60 seconds of video and access their whole history of captures.  I upgraded to Pro user and it’s phenomenal.  Highly, highly recommended.

Great blog article on creating gyazo gif’s, camera settings and tricks for recording:
A step-by-step guide: SL animated GIFs

Hot keys and stuff I didn’t know that I need to try:

  • Ctrl 0 zooms in
  • Ctrl 8 zooms out
  • Ctrl 9 resets cam
  • Alt-click focuses on an object
  • If you have depth of field enabled in preferences, when you alt-click on an object what you click on will be in focus, the rest out of focus.  Things farther away will be more blurry, just like RL.
  • control+alt+F1 hides the user interface and nametags
  • shift+alt+H hides HUDs
  • if you’re taking portraits, if you have the avatar alt-click on a cube, their eyes will follow the cube as you move it


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