Tips and Tricks – Smooth Dancer

During workshops, it’s not always the best time to share the tips and tricks I’ve picked up, so I share them here.  As always, use whatever information works for you.  Note:  I am a bit OCD – these tricks work for me. 🙂  Always evolving.


Recording Dances – one clean recording:

My ultimate goal is to record a perfect dance in one run through, start to finish, but sometimes it’s just not possible.  Sometimes I record in pieces and adjust the times.

TRICK:  If you’ve recorded the first half of the dance, and want a smooth recording to complete it:

  • press record
  • play your sequence
  • when the time comes in the music, start playing your animations for the second part
  • After you stop your recording, export the macro.  It will have recorded every animation and time, including the individual animations in your pre-recorded sequence for the first half.
  • RESULT:  You get a smooth recording of the full dance

Adding Notes in Your Sequences Notecard

We’re used to seeing the # sign used in our spot on notecards, begin notecard, etc.

The # sign means this is a note, and tells the tool to ignore the rest of that line.  Why is this important?  YOU can add notes to your sequences notecard too!

While selecting animations, I use notes to remind me of what I wanted to use those animations for:


I keep my sequences notecard open while I practice my choreography for each section of this music to help me remember what animations I thought would work for the section of music.

I also use notes for alternative animations, for example – my dancers are going to do zombiewalk but I’m going to do sexywalk-2 instead when I put it in the performance director.  You won’t see the notes on the sequences tab, but I see them in the sequences notecard.



#ME – 6.12354

Finishing Your Timed Sequence Dance in a Pose:

I prefer to finish my dances in a pose, and leave the dancers in position until I press stop on the Smooth Dancer HUD.  This gives me the ability to control when they leave the pose so I can make sure the curtain is closed first.  I prefer this over the alternative of STOP in my recorded dance, which breaks the sequence.

Recording your dance:  Add a pose to the end of your untimed sequence.  While recording, when you reach the end of your music, press the pose button after the last dance animation at whatever time in the music they should move into a pose.

Your recorded sequence will include this pose and will keep the dancers in it until you press stop on the HUD.

After your performance, close the curtain, then press stop on your HUD.

Special Note!  If you move your timed sequence into the Performance Director, make sure you add 999|STOP for your all dancers group.  The PD automatically stops your routine when the last animations plays, so your dancers will pop into their pose then immediately zip back to starting position.  To keep them in their ending pose, 999|STOP tells the PD to keep the routine running until YOU press stop (or 999 seconds pass!).

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