Kindling the Fire

The thoughts just swirl in my head this morning, on the cusp of an aha! moment and transition.

I believe….

–                 life is a journey
–                                       in a universal life force, energy
–                                                           that we all have a purpose
–                                                                                 we are all unique
–                                                                                                      we ALL matter

Do you ever wonder why you’re drawn to some people?  Why it feels there’s an instant connection?  For others perhaps, it was a slow kindling?

I shared a quote with a friend yesterday, “You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety.”

Then, also yesterday, I watched a TED video – and one quote just sent my mind into a tailspin – “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Of course I would never give up on close friends, or walk away when they are down – but it does make me think, what kind of people do I want it my life.  Do I gravitate towards some because they inspire me, I inspire them, their calm presence, they remind me of the beauty of laughter, their habit of reaching for the stars, or  because I know that no matter what, they will still love me and be there when I need them most?  Do the people around me lift me up, and do I do the same for them?  I shared a while ago about my favorite book, The Five People You Meet in Heaven.  Now, I consider the people I surround myself with..and also, the person I am too.  I am just me, with every quirk, emotional moment, and mad idea…but in turn, do I truly see others?  Exude positive energy and love?  Take time for them?  As an introvert, I easily slide within myself and shut out the outside world.  Sometimes I need to – that’s where I rebalance again, sometimes lick my wounds, or nurture an idea, thought, emotion until my subconscious/conscious mind has finished sorting it.

I share two videos below – one references work, but it’s really about finding your passion.  The other is such a fun and inspiring artistic creation – a different way of seeing, thinking.

Some days I feel like I’m doing the cha cha – a step forward into growth, a step backward into safety.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing to dip my toe in the water I think, as long as I keep moving forward, in both worlds.  I often ask the question…

Who am I?

And answer, I am me, a work in progress.

This has been a glorious week, of cleansing rains, of warming sun, and appreciating and enjoying time with friends – old and new.

Yours, dancing under the oaks,
~ Eva




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4 Responses to Kindling the Fire

  1. What if you really don’t hang out with five people? I mostly hang out with myself and then Ally and then my girls in real. Does that make me the average of me? Or too deficit to have an average? 😉


  2. evaharley says:

    You are an amazing poet which I will never be. I appreciate the talents of everyone around me. The world needs poets and dancers. 🙂


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