Upcoming Workshop Info…

I’m now adding upcoming workshops to the Calendar page of this blog.

I teach because I love it, and have a long history of teaching in SL.  I love the tools and technical stuff, teaching on topics such as Spot On Tools, Audacity, and Scripting for Performance.  As I work with other tools, or find that people would like to learn together, I may teach other things.  I schedule workshops people have asked for and find it easier to really explain how things work in a structured yet hopefully fun and semi-casual workshop.

I danced in RL from the age of 6-13, and in RL have a computer/technical/data working and hobbyist background.  In SL I can put these pieces together with my insane imagination.  I love learning tools and scripts, pushing them to see what I can do when it comes to dance.  That is my blue sky and what fuels me, bringing all of this together in an expressive dance.

Classes will be limited in size, always in voice, and always hands on.  There is no cost, but contributions are appreciated if you enjoyed and want to support workshop expenses.  Check out the calendar for what’s coming if you’re interested.  IM or drop me a notecard to register.


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