Surprises, Secrets, and Smiles!

What an incredible and insane and crazy weekend it’s been – and an amazing week yet to come!

Surprises!    Let’s see..  I’m totally addicted to 7seas fishing now – and if you need boots, bikini bottoms, or plankton for your tank I will TOTALLY hook you up!  Buy 1, get 5 free!!!  Something sooo relaxing, watching and listening to the ocean waves, casting the line and seeing what you’ll catch next.  Now I’ve had that fishing pole forever but have finally gotten the hang of it.  Level 3 – woot! I’m going to think of a name for a free fishy fish store…or make a dance about it!  Now for a song…hmmm.  Fish heads…roly poly fish heads…

and…I learned to surf!  If you haven’t done that in SL, you’ve totally got to try!  I’m always amazed at how I can just totally relax and let my hair down – get out of my head for a while and just play!  Living down here not far from the Southern Coast you may ask – “why not it RL”.  Well…I thought about that!  1.  don’t think here in SC we have the big waves  2.  I’m totally not coordinated enough to stand..on a moving board…on moving water…with people around!  and 3….. we have sharks!    PS – this is me below

And what’s a weekend without dance?  Friday, everyone was squeaky clean after the Crowd Dance, and Saturday was an amazing Paramount show with magic mushrooms, men in uniform, and me getting my blue groove thang on!

Lots of learning too!  I loved helping people learn the choreography designer system at my workshop this past Saturday and answering questions.  I get a thrill when I hear that “ohhhh” and “wowwww” because I feel their eyes light up, and inspiration shooting a lighting bolt, and hope they’ll have fun playing and creating and making their own art in whatever way that is.  The strongest feeling I have reminding me of that is when I got my very first computer – a Commodore 128 “Go 64”!  It opened a whole new world for me to create, build, experience, and imagine.  Every workshop I teach I learn something too, and I keep tweaking them to make it a better experience for everyone. 🙂

I am so thankful for the amazing people I’ve met here, and the little things that touch me, the smiles and sharing.  “Tweet tweet”…wipeouts…and costumes flying everywhere!

Looking forward to week – the Autism Awareness Show, Lighting the Way where I’ll be representing Harleyquin and Paramount, and Friday night at Elysium.  Working on something special for Terpsi-Corps too.  Finding the silent moments is when inspiration strikes.

I leave you with this for now – find joy in everything that you do, mindfulness, be present in the moment.  Don’t take anything or anyone for granted, if they’re special – make sure they know…they matter.  You never know how that simple moment of hello, kind words can lift someone’s spirits.

May your imagination run free and you find delight, like in the video below –
~ Eva

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  1. Looks at surfing video and smiles…. ummm yeah.. that’s not it…. 😉


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