Inspire Me, Thrill Me, Delight Me

No, I’m not talking about the newest fetish club…or maybe I am…. grins.  Really, it’s a scrapbook of places that sound interesting to visit when the mood strikes.

The Notebook Society

An intimate music gathering every Friday and Sunday where the artists take members on a musical experience chosen, curated, and driven by the artists. In the Notebook lies the joys, tears, frustration, and hope an artist will experience in the creative process. With that same notion, The Notebook Society offers a place for artists to share those very emotions that drive their music.


Light Reflections

Venus Adored’s Light Reflections has seven levels to explore. At ground level, you will find a paper boat. Purchase it for 0 Lindens and sail around the sim. Rezzing is permitted there for 15 minutes.


Dysphoria is the most realistic Alice in Wonderland sim in Second Life. Dysphoria is a labour of love created purely for your enjoyment. Fall down, down, down the rabbit hole into the bowels of the earth, touch the key on the table to join Dysphoria and walk through the door to Wonderland. Let fantasy become your virtual-reality….


Havendale Village

Visit Havendale Village to enjoy a fun and magical fantasy-themed sim with homes, games, hangouts, and shopping. Havendale is family friendly and welcomes role-players to live their magical lifestyles. Play with your friends, stroll through town with your family, join in one of the events, but make sure to make Havendale Village your home.

Jabba Jabba Jabba

A totally immersive experience unlike anything else in Second Life. You take part in the action, you fish for the moon, discover Xanadu or slay the manxome Jabberwocky. Shows run every fifteen minutes all day everyday. Take part by yourself or with a group of friends. For more information, visit

The Jewell Theatre

The Jewell Theatre has its home in Samandiriel, and has been performing live theatre in Second Life since 2007, led by writer/director Fake Jewell. The theatre is on tour now! Visit for more information or to explore the theatre, walk of fame, museum and many other beautiful areas.

Bryn Oh’s The Hand

Bryn Oh’s new artwork is the story of Flutter, a girl who has something precious in a suitcase and lives in a world of Sleepers. It is a continuation of Bryn Oh’s many other award-winning narratives.

Gardens By The Bay

Inspired by Singapore’s Majestic Garden by the Bay, this amazing build is a stunning array of eclectic art, superb botanical gardens and a magnificent display of the famous Super Trees. This must see LEA build by Nibby Riddler is available for a limited time

Light Thoughts 3 by Mario2 Helstein

Created by inworld digital artist Mario2 Helstein. Light Thoughts 3 is an exhibition of mesh and prim forms, lights, effects and innovative scripting. This LEA sim is a stimulating example of artistic creation and technical scripting and innovation in Second Life.


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