It’s a full moon! ..and I’m feeling restless

Check outside tonight and you’ll see that big beautiful moon!  I do believe it’s the height of energy, the culmination of things and yes – can make us a little crazy and restless!

I even referred the almighty google and found this – “However on a full moon day as the moon frequencies are more active, a heightened activity of the mind is observed as explained above in point 2. Depending on the types of impressions from the sub-conscious mind that are activated, the heightened activity can range from heightened random thoughts to heightened mind activity of specific thoughts.

For example, a person who is a writer and is focusing on some book that he is writing is more likely to get heightened thought activity mainly pertaining to the book and creativity in writing style. These types of thoughts will arise out of the talent centre. Hence he may find that he can write prolifically on a full moon day.” ~

Woot!  Maybe now I can get over the creator’s block I’ve had on a dance I’m working on!  Ever see the final product in your head..vaguely…but not sure how to get it there?  Yep – that’s where I am!

It helps, to wander around the web a bit – mindlessly think, see what catches my eye.  What about this?  I kind of like this, but what song would fit?  What is the story?  Why is there a ribbon tied on the moon?  And notice the only color is her red bowtie and the bow in the dolls hair.  Do you see the moths?  It reminds me a bit of the wedding scene in  a veeerrry old Jack and the Beanstalk – circa 1974.  (I’m not THAT old – reruns!)

Perhaps I’m drawn to it because I feel a personal connection to it, an empathy with her.  The dances you love the most – ever wonder why you chose them?  Do they speak to you?  I have almost no limits in what I create if I’m inspired.  I embrace the things that “make a good dance” but sometimes choose to smash right through them, consciously.  I still consider the audience, their interest, but in the end I also create for myself and my own pleasure.  The buzz of standing back and saying wow, the buzz of performing and just seeing the dancers breath and come to life.  Pouring my energy and soul into what I create – laughter, magic, drama, tears, hope, sexiness, power.

I have “wins” and I have “wtf???” too.  Not everyone will get me, and I’m totally ok with that!  Often I’m my own most strict critic – and I think this is important!  Dances may end up in my re-work pile, or sometimes shoved waaaaay back in the closet with the scary dolls and spiders.  Always, though, there was something gained by creating.

I realize that when I struggle the most, it’s from a fear of failure.  It’s when I let go and let the creative process take over that some of my best stuff comes to life.  Do I still tweak it?  Oh yeah, but the bones the pieces all come together with less stress.  My INTJ brain loves to spin, think of new things, new ways, new ideas…but sometimes slow and steady win the race – and finishes the dance!

Sooo….how do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time…

It’s a great night for dancing naked in the full moon – and creating with passion!

~ Eva

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