Music, Medleys, Motivation, and Muses

The morning feels magical, sipping that first cup of coffee as I slip into this world and onto my piano bench.  Did you know it’s not hard to create a music book of your own?  Mine changes sometimes, filled with different piano pieces, selected based on how I feel, what I’m drawn to.  Fifty or so different pieces at my fingertips.  It soothes me, inspires me, helps me ease emotions that sometimes overwhelm me.  You do know I’m a Scorpio right?  Passion is part of my nature.

Someday I will bring this passion into RL – even took a few piano lessons recently.  Found it stressful, pushing myself to accomplish more and more before the next lesson.  Obviously not a way that clicked with me to learn.  Still working on an alternative… or a shift in my pattern of thought.

My thought of the day:  People won’t remember what you said, they’ll remember how you made them feel.

I don’t mean fawning over them, like those dudes in 5th element “green…so green…super green”  Like they matter, that you are listening, you hear them, you see them.  It’s so easy sometimes, to get so wrapped up in things, that sometimes I leave others hanging – or I retreat into my shell, under my rock as my mind processes all kinds of things.  As He-Man always said “knowledge is half the battle”.  Knowing…and naturally flowing…aware.

Creative ideas flood through me, but gently, like little wisps.  In this amazing creative world, are there things that interest you, do you have your own wish list of things you’d like to learn, to do?  I’m inspired by anything and everything, some things I appreciate greatly without a desire of my own – such as painting, others stay with me – such as photography, making effects, music editing, more expressive dance.  Feel and flow.  Some things are more vague, knowing that there is more I don’t even see yet.  As I listen to the piano, I let the universe take its course, let things, let inspiration evolve as it will.  The muses dance in my head as my eyes drift over my inspiration list, knowing that I’ll keep moving forward.  That is one of the most amazing things about this world – the possibilities to explore, to create, to experience, to live..and to dance within art.

May the muses be with you this morning –
~ Eva

20170413 piano

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