Lupe’s Magic Forest & Naturist Island

In creating my current dance I also started thinking about inspiration.  Not just for dance, but anything worth doing.  What inspires someone?  How to re-charge when we just don’t really feel the spark to get started or keep going, especially through the “this is crap” moments?   Being the impulsive creature I can be, I packed my bags, hopped a train, and set up a little choreo corner on a beautiful sim.  Just me, a stay pad, huds on my screen, and nothing else in a beautiful naturist sim.  You know what?  It worked!  I pulled out my dusty titler, put “Lost in Dance ~ feel free to watch” over my head and just let ‘er rip.  Well, golly be!  I DID draw a small and very quiet audience as I worked, I DID enjoy and finished roughing out my choreography, and when I came up for breaks I answered questions from non-dancers about the world of dance in SL.  Bonus!  ~channel Wayne’s guitar riff here~

I did mention I was working at a very beautiful naturist sim didn’t I?  Grins.


Lupe’s Magic Forest & Naturist Island

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